Training Formats and Modalities

Standard program format

Unless part of a customized program, the overall format is:

  • Short pre-work
  • WORKSHOP (typically ½ – 1 day)
  • On-the-job assignment
  • Post-workshop correspondence (1 week after workshop)
  • Follow-up (1 month after workshop):
    – 1-hour group follow-up session (optional); or
    – self-directed meeting with accountability partner
  • Online results survey (6 weeks after workshop)

Training modalities

Kwela offers a wide variety of training modalities:

  • In-person instructor-led workshops (facilitated in-house)
  • Virtual instructor-led workshops (facilitated via zoom or equivalent)
  • Webinar (shorter information-focused sessions)
  • Online video courses (30-45 min, self-paced)
  • Train-the-trainer (suitable for very large number of deliveries with in-house, experienced trainers) {see below}

Train the Trainer

Kwela can assist you in developing an in-house capability to facilitate our workshops. This may be viable if:

  • You intend to facilitate the workshop 10 or more times
  • Your trainer will facilitate the course often enough to maintain familiarity with the course
  • Your trainer(s) have enough background and experience related to on the topic (understanding just the training materials is generally not enough to engage an audience)

Please contact us for more information.