Sustainability – Systems Thinking About Our World

This workshop is unlike any other you may have experienced. In a few short hours participants will develop a deep appreciation of the complex links between diverse global issues such as population, food supply, wealth, consumption, pollution, climate change, natural resources, the regulatory environment, extinction and habitat loss, and even civil unrest and warfare. This interactive program uses systems thinking tools throughout to make it easy to understand the complexity of the issues.

The workshop is an ideal way to frame sustainability initiatives in a way that gives people the big picture and the motivation to take action.

Results You Can Expect

  • Understand the big picture with respect to global and regional sustainability.
  • A sense of motivation and urgency to work on sustainable initiative both in the organization and in the community.
  • Improved relationships with like-minded suppliers and clients.

Key Focus Areas

  • The “tragedy of the commons” – how things we share are prone to overexploitation
  • Avoiding “shifting the burden” to quick fixes that allow the underlying problem to grow
  • How global problems are interconnected
  • Understanding the highest leverage points to solve the core problems
  • What happened to past societies that did not heed the warning signs
  • Envisaging a sustainable future
  • What people, organizations and countries are doing, and where we fit in

Target Audience

This course is applicable to leaders, employees at all organizational levels and members of the public at large.

Formats – more

In-house (on-site or virtual)
  • ½-day workshop

Learn More Now

Watch Russel as he shares thoughts and talks with host Jivi Khehra of Winds of Change about the complex links between diverse global issues and what we can do as individuals and as a society to build a truly sustainable future. Watch the episode


Kwela’s Systems Thinking workshop was unlike any other I’ve ever seen. Participants were absolutely captivated by the way the facts were presented and in a few short hours, came away with a deep understanding of how global problems are not only interrelated to each other, but also to some of the things we treasure most in our own lives. … their engaging style and consistent focus on solutions left participants energised and motivated in the belief that we can change the world. They could not stop talking about this workshop and many are now taking action in their communities.

Jeff Gibbs
Director, Young Leaders For a Living Planet Program
WWF Canada