Project Management

They say that “failing to plan is the same as planning to fail”. By focusing on developing sound project management skills and processes, projects are more realistically budgeted for and resourced, risks are managed and mitigated, and projects are far more likely to be executed on time without severe consequences to people.

This is a project management workshop with a difference. As opposed to a day of dry theory, participants are exposed to a live, simulated project where they have to build a physical structure within an allotted time. As the project management methodology is introduced through the day, participants apply it to the simulation over successive rounds, and the difference in project execution becomes evident in a compelling way. Not only is the learning intense – it is also fun!

Results You Can Expect

  • Improved project execution
  • More realistic project plans and budgets
  • Improved communication with stakeholders
  • Better management and mitigation of risks

 Key Focus Areas

  • Communication and team dynamics
  • Project life cycle
  • Project charter
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Responsibility assignment
  • Estimating time
  • Critical path analysis
  • Creating a project schedule
  • Risk management
  • Monitoring variance
  • Closing a project

Target Audience

This course is applicable to employees who manage and work on projects.

Formats – more

In-house (on-site or virtual)
  • ½-day workshop
  • 1-day workshop
  •  Blended learning



Very interactive, relevant and linked to real work examples.

Organizational Development, Corporate Office
Health Shared Services BC