Leadership Skills Training Programs

Targeted training plays an important role in leadership development by providing people with practical tools that can be used on the job.

Kwela offers a wide range of courses aimed at covering all competencies of effective leadership. All courses are offered in-house through in-person or virtual delivery, with a public-enrolment option suitable for smaller groups of learners, in addition to self-paced video courses.

Training costs may be reimbursable under the Canada Job Grant program more


Authentic Communication

Expressing ourselves authentically helps to build strong and trusting relationships – more

Influencing Without Authority

Formulate your ideas so that others are willing to both listen to them & to implement them – more

Being Strategic

Learn to develop actionable strategic plans based on sound analysis of business problems – more

Leading Self with Emotional Intelligence

Learn more about what you are capable of and how you can best manage emotions when working with others  – more

Business Writing

Learn how to ensure your writing is read, understood and acted on – more

Negotiation Skills

Learn how to use interest-based techniques to improve negotiated outcomes and reduce conflict – more

Coaching for Performance

Develop the day-to-day coaching behaviours
that will engage & motivate your
employees – more

Presentation Skills

Learn how to motivate & inspire by improving your ability to communicate in public – more

Change Management

Initiate and lead change through a process that
aligns people & organizational resources – more

Project Management

Use simulation techniques to improve your ability to deliver projects that are on time & on budget – more

Conflict Resolution

Acquire the skills & confidence to resolve issues
in a respectful and solution-oriented manner – more

Sustainability–Systems Thinking About Our World

Take an important step toward corporate & personal social responsibility – more

Conflict Resolution for Managers

Learn to address the types of conflict challenges associated with being a manager – more

Stress Management

The ability to confront and release increased levels of stress is crucial in order to remain healthy and happy at work – more

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Move beyond quick fixes & formulate solutions based on root causes – more

Teamwork – for Team Leaders

Develop your team building skills and help your organization maintain its competitive advantage – more

Customer Service

Acquire the skills to differentiate your business through superior customer service – more

Teamwork – for Hybrid Team Leaders

Teams consisting of a mix of on-site and remote employees require leaders to master a unique set of skills to ensure success – more

Diversity & Inclusion

Without the right training, a diversity and inclusion strategy may remain well-intentioned words on paper – more

Teamwork – for Team Members

Gain a high degree of awareness in what it takes to play a constructive role as a member of a high-performing team – more

Essential Skills for Managers

Give new leaders access to the skills that are most important to their new role – more

Time Management

Increase your effectiveness & make better use of your most valuable commodity: your time – more

Facilitation Skills

Improve your decision-making & productivity by running more effective meetings – more

Initiate your learning journey with Kwela’s leadership and management training courses. Our impactful programs, specializing in management skills and soft skills training, will elevate your career to new heights.