Facilitating Productive Meetings

Did you know that the way that an individual runs meetings is highly correlated with how he/she is perceived as a leader? People who run great meetings deliver better decision-making for the organization, and are more productive with their time and the time of others. Unfortunately, the reality is that many organizations suffer from poorly led meetings, resulting in widespread frustration, difficult decision making, and even burnout. Fortunately, meeting management is a skill that can be  readily learned and applied.

This workshop provides a range of meeting management tools and has a strong emphasis on practice. Throughout the workshop, participants will use these tools to tackle specific challenges and then examine how to apply them back on the job.

Results You Can Expect

  • Greatly improved group decision-making.
  • Meetings with direction and movement that make great use of time.
  • Improved involvement and reduced stress for participants.
  • Improved ability to work with larger groups.
  • Meetings that achieve stated objectives.

Key Focus Areas

  • Involving the right people
  • What to do before the meeting
  • Controlling the discussion & staying on track
  • Choosing the right decision making approach
  • Creativity tools for group decision-making
  • Dealing with people who dominate or do not participate enough
  • Using visual aids during meetings
  • What to do after the meeting

Target Audience

Leaders at all levels who run meetings or engage in group decision-making on a regular basis.

Formats – more

In-house (on-site or virtual)
  • ½-day workshop
  • 1-day workshop