Write to Be Read

Most organizational communication is written. Good writing influences what’s read. And what’s read influences decisions and actions and how people think.

But reading patterns challenge writing. Only about 20% of what’s written is read. Furthermore, technology has impacted how we read – we don’t. We skim.

To add to the challenge, our work relationships are dependent on being able to communicate our intent, as well as build and maintain relationships through the written word.

Only a few people are “born writers” but the good news is good writing skills are easily learned.

This course teaches ways to ensure your writing is read, understood, and acted on. It also teaches how to be relational in our writing.

Results You Can Expect

  • Proven techniques that will enhance readability immediately
  • Practical ways to engage the reader
  • How to draw attention to your key messages
  • How to clearly impart information and ideas
  • How to significantly improve reader comprehension

Key Focus Areas

  • What readable writing is
  • The impact of technology on reading and writing
  • Different reading styles
  • How to write to ensure important content is read
  • Using tone and plain language
  • Leveraging layout and structure
  • New rules for paragraphs
  • Headings and email subject lines
  • How to write good summaries

Target Audience

This course is for anyone who would like to ensure that their message gets across, and that readers read, understand and can act on their writing.

Participants should be proficient in writing in English as grammar is not covered.

Formats – more

In-house (on-site or virtual)
  • ½-day workshop plus optional 90 min. group coaching
Public Enrolment (virtual)
  • ½-day workshop