The majority of people are biased towards 1-2 of 4 social styles:

• Driver: Direct, results-orientated

• Expressive: Outgoing, creative, social

• Amiable: Dependable, easygoing, sensitive

• Analytical: Systematic, accurate, structured, logical

Step 1 is to understand your own biases and to learn how to moderate them when involved in the influencing game.

For example, drivers often have to focus on listening skills. Expressives may need to focus on giving rationale and embracing the thinking of more logical people, particularly when they see holes in an argument.

Amiables may need to speak up and let their thoughts be known while Analyticals may need to focus on the personal touch.

Take a moment to understand your own style and how to moderate it.

Step 2 is to understand and adapt to the dominant style of the person you are attempting to influence. Stay tuned!

Russel Horwitz, Principal