The Leadership Behaviours that Predict Future Potential

How do you know that your leaders (at all levels) have the potential to take on more responsibility and even progress in the organization? Research provides interesting insights.

Management Research Group (a global leader in designing scientifically designed assessments and one of our providers) used 360-degree observer data of 15,091 participants in 50 countries and in 30 industries. 54% of the participants were males, 31% females and 15% did not identify a gender category.  This is what they found:

The above schematic shows that high potential leaders exhibit the following behaviours, they:

  • Think before acting and analyse the impact of their decisions on the future of the organization (Strategic)
  • Express ideas and expectations clearly, and disseminate information that others can benefit (Communication)
  • Are comfortable being in charge, and seek out opportunities to be influential and accomplish results through others (Management Focus)
  • Are willing to explore new and different approaches, deal well with change and take risks (Innovative)
  • Identify with their field of expertise and maintain in-depth, specialized knowledge in their areas (Technical)
  • Are less likely to defer to people in positions of authority or automatically follow organizational norms (Authority)

As business environments shift more quickly than ever before, it is imperative that organizations have strong talent pipelines to ensure their future success. Developing the above skills and abilities enables leaders to more positively impact employee engagement and organizational performance.

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Nic Tsangarakis, Principal