Team Training

Team development is an iterative process that is usually best achieved through a mix of coaching and facilitation. There are times, however, when targeted workshops are a very effective adjunct. Team performance can be limited by both interpersonal issues such as ineffective conflict resolution and personal shortcomings such as poor planning, and many teams will include skills training in their developmental priorities.

Kwela offers a range of workshops that can be very beneficial to teams including:

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be healthy for a team as long as its members have the skills to resolve issues in a respectful and solution driven manner – more

Strategic Thinking and Planning

The ability to think and plan strategically is highly correlated with leadership effectiveness and a team’s performance is greatly enhanced when its members are skilled in these areas – more

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Poor decision making typically leads to inconsistent and sometimes negative results. Teams that uncover root causes make more effective decisions and are better able to adapt to change – more

Team Optimization Skills

This program is designed for team leaders at any level of an organization. You will learn to develop team performance by focusing on trust building, conflict resolution, commitment, accountability and guiding principles – more

Kwela’s workshops are led by experienced facilitators and include a careful balance of group discussions, case studies, skills practice and lecture. We also offer innovative approaches such Leadership Simulation and Systems Thinking which are highly motivational for individuals, teams and organizations as a whole.

In addition to team-oriented workshops, individual team members may opt to participate in other sessions that further develop their personal skills – see Training for information on all Kwela workshops.