Self Awareness

Leaders Need Support, Too

Leaders Need Support, Too “It’s lonely at the top” is something we’ve heard a lot.  It implies that leadership – especially senior leadership – can be at times isolating.  And [...]

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Coaching the Unconscious Incompetence

Coaching the Unconscious Incompetence The Four Levels of Competence model, developed by Noel Birch in the 1970’s, reinforces how we all have hidden strengths, blind spots and behaviours that we [...]

2022-08-18T18:22:00+00:00January 13th, 2021|

Making 360-Degree Feedback Work For You

Making 360-Degree Feedback Work For You All other things being equal, the difference between great and not so great organizations comes down to the quality of its leaders. But leadership [...]

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Perfectionism, Stress and Failure

Perfectionism, Stress and Failure Continuous improvement is critical in creating a culture that engages and enhances employee strengths and talents.  Striving for employee or personal perfection in contrast may have [...]

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The Power of Values in Leadership

The Power of Values in Leadership Making the important link between values and behaviours Values lead to thoughts, actions, behaviours and results. This is why organizations spend so much time [...]

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