Personal Development Planning

Personal development planning is at the center of any effective leadership development activity.

While many people have an idea of behavioural changes that they need to make, the truth is that most have blind spots struggle to sustain changes to patterns established over a lifetime.

Our process overcomes these barriers through a series of key steps:

  • Build self-awareness – this is typically done through some combination of 360 feedback and a self-reflection process that examines how one’s past has shaped current behaviours.
  • Get clarity on what to change – people seldom improve by focusing on a “laundry list” of new behaviours. The odds of success are greatly enhanced by identifying 1 or 2 competencies that will tend to affect overall performance and engagement.
  • Develop a plan – we help each person develop a unique set of actionable steps that will build the targeted competencies over time.
  • Involve others – we help each person develop a plan on how to involve co-workers to ensure a level of accountability and ongoing support with a view to sustaining the new behaviours.

Personal development planning can be done either standalone or executed as part of wider leadership development programs, which may also include coaching, training and measurement of behaviour change.