Our Training Philosophy

Not all training is created equal. Achieving lasting behaviour change through training requires great content, high levels of engagement and careful attention to the overall process. The following represents our tried and tested philosophy for ensuring that the training sticks:

Before Workshop

  • Consultation with sponsor on desired outcomes and customization requirement
  • Pre-reading and short, relevant videos
  • Identification of personalized case studies

During Workshops

  • Limited lecture while maximizing learning activities
  • Participant-driven versus hypothetical situations
  • Impactful and relevant simulations
  • High focus on skills practice
  • Facilitators that engage through questioning, provocation and storytelling
  • Development of action plans and on-the-job assignments

After Workshops

  • Access to facilitator for questions
  • Communication to reinforce content and advise participants on further resources
  • Follow-up meetings to improve accountability and address remaining challenges
  • Measurement of actual outcomes (typically months after the workshop)