Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic planning is an essential but frustrating activity for many senior managers. The process can be time consuming and politically charged and the end result is often a document that is quickly shelved as ‘urgent’ business takes priority. For most organizations, the challenge of strategic planning is one of process not content. Managers typically know what to do but may not be adept at translating it into an actionable plan that will cascade through the organization.

Kwela can help you make this transition by facilitating a process that will turn strategic planning into the energizing activity that it should be. Elements of our approach include:

  • Vision: we help you create a long term vision of what success should look like for your organization.
  • Situational Analysis: we help you develop a clear picture of where the organization stands today vs. where it needs to be using tools such as SWOT, environmental scan, and gap analyses.
  • Goals & Direction Setting: we help you identify the strategic goals and priorities for improvement that will move your organization forward.
  • Action Planning: we help you translate your goals into measurable actions and set up feedback processes that will refine and refocus your plan over time.
  • Change Management: we help you to deploy your plan and overcome resistance to change using tools such as a balanced scorecard linked to your performance management systems.

Change is the only real measure of success for a strategic plan and many plans fail in the implementation stage. Our goal is to turn strategic planning into a dynamic process in which strategies and plans are kept alive through a continuous cycle of ‘review, measure, learn, and refocus’.

In addition to process facilitation, Kwela also provides skills training for leaders involved in strategic planning through our Strategic Thinking and Planning and Change Management workshops.


Thank you very much for leading us through two important and full days of discussion. Kwela is definitely the master of bringing us to a conclusion.

Christine Sorenson BSN ICD.D
BC Nurses’ Union