New Leader Integration

The process of on-boarding a new leader can be fraught with challenges. New leaders are expected to bring change but they often experience difficulties as they attempt to mesh their personal style with the existing organization. Some of the most common pitfalls that cause new leaders to fail include their inability to adapt to a new corporate culture, to earn the trust of the new team, or to understand how to create quick wins.

Kwela will guide your team and its new leader through a facilitated process that is specifically designed to offset these problems.  Through coaching we help the leader and team members to learn about each other and to set goals and expectations for the team. In our experience, this approach initiates a process that will:

  • Accelerate a new leader’s effectiveness by reducing their ramp-up time.
  • Mitigate potential sources of friction and unease within the team.
  • Build mutual trust and collaboration more quickly.
  • Reduce blind spots that the new leaders might have.
  • Lower the risk that new leaders will attempt to ‘fix what ain’t broke’.
  • Help new leaders focus on the right priorities from the start.

New leader facilitation typically works best for individuals who have been leading a team for a period of several weeks to several months, and can be performed as either a standalone initiative or as part of a broader Team Optimization process.  Either way the process results in a better informed and integrated leader and a correspondingly stronger team.