Making 360-Degree Feedback Work For You

All other things being equal, the difference between great and not so great organizations comes down to the quality of its leaders. But leadership competency is a moving target. Changes to the external business environment along with internal changes in strategy, organization or personnel will constantly stretch leaders to learn and be better at what they do.

For the individuals involved, the precursor to developing and learning new behaviours is almost always self-awareness. No self-awareness, no change – it’s that simple. One of the most effective ways to create self-awareness for leaders is 360-degree feedback.

They say “a chain is as strong as its weakest link”, and this is very pertinent to 360 feedback. One has to do a lot of things right for it to have the desired outcome, and if it is not something you do regularly, it is important to know where all the landmines are.

If you are interested, I invite you read our newly updated white paper on 360 feedback, or read about our 360 feedback services on the Kwela website.

Russel Horwitz,