Leadership Development Program – Open-Enrolment / Public Format

Kwela’s Open Enrollment LDP combines 360 feedback, skills workshops (in online video format), personalized coaching sessions and reassessment, all in a powerful process designed to take motivated people to the next level.

The program timeline is as follows:

Download Program Timeline (.pdf 64kb)

Program Component Outcome Timing Method
Administer 360 survey
  • Develop high self-awareness
4 weeks prior to meeting #1 Online
Coach interprets feedback and prepares a summary
  • Synthesis of 360 data
Before meeting #1
Coaching meeting #1*

  • 360 debrief
  • Identify development goal
  • Create initial action plan
  • Position participant for success
Month 1 Teleconference / Skype
Meetings between participant and their managers
  • Alignment on development goal(s)
  • More ideas to succeed
  • Help create the right environment to succeed
Within 7 days of previous step Self-directed with Kwela’s support / guidance
Skills workshop – Coaching for Performance
  • Higher levels of engagement and improved retention
  • Improved performance of staff members
  • Increased opportunities for staff to grow their skills
Month 2 Online video course(workshops are 45-60 min each)
Skills workshop – Get Organized
  • Develop a strategic focus in terms of time
  • Efficiently manage e-mail and track tasks
  • Identify and eliminate time-wasters
Month 2 Online video course
Coaching meeting #2*
  • Review progress
  • Clarify links between skills workshop and development goal
  • Update action plan
Month 3 Teleconference / Skype
Skills workshop – Influencing Skills
  • Gain buy-in on important ideas
  • Adapt to social styles
  • Develop personal power
Month 4 Online video course
Coaching meeting #3*
  • Review progress
  • Clarify links between skills workshop and development goal
  • Update action plan
Month 5 Teleconference / Skype
Mini-feedback survey
  • Measure progress
Month 6 Online
Coaching meeting #4* (Final debrief)
  • Receive progress report
  • Celebrate successes
  • Plan to sustain new behaviours
Month 7 Teleconference / Skype

* All coaching meetings are held remotely via teleconference or web-based video (eg. Skype or LiveMeeting) and are generally 60 minutes in length. The final meeting (#4) may be shorter.

Module Overviews

360-degree Feedback and Debrief

360-feedback is provided confidentially using an online tool, and the report will serve as the springboard for creating a personal development plan for each participant on the program. We ensure that the 360 is interpreted correctly by analyzing and summarizing it ahead of time.

Manager Meeting (optional)

This optional and self-directed step enhances the odds of success by ensuring that the participant and their manager are on the same page with respect to the development goal and the required environment to succeed. Kwela provides an agenda on how to run this meeting.

Skills Workshops

Skills workshops are based on Kwela’s online video courses, with full materials provided for review. The workshops are 45-60 min in length and can be reviewed / repeated anytime over the license period, which is 12 months.

[To view eVideo Course Intros and Samples, click here and then click on each eVideo Course name, and then Watch Intro/Sample.]

Coaching Meetings

Support from a professional coach is the main development mechanism of the leadership development program. The coach works confidentially with the participant to determine their specific challenges and helps formulate practical action plans. This also includes a teaching component where necessary.

Re-assessment (Mini-Feedback Survey)

The mini-feedback survey is used to provide confidential feedback on the extent to which the participant was able to reach his/her personal development goal that was set at the beginning of the program. It is a short, focused survey generated by the participant and is administered online by Kwela with a group of responders of the participant’s choosing.

Final Debrief

Results of the reassessment are debriefed with the coach in a confidential 1:1 setting, and we plan on how to sustain the new behaviours.


The fee for all above elements is $1,985 (GST is billed in addition).

For more information or to register, please contact a consultant or Kwela Admin by email or by telephone at 604-417-7188.

We’ve worked with Kwela in the field of leadership development and have found that it was a very effective way to develop the skills of our leaders and managers, as well as build team cohesiveness.

Larry Smith, Chief Operating Officer
QHR Software