360-Degree Feedback

The willingness to learn is almost always dependent on high levels of self-awareness, and 360 (multi-rater) feedback is one the most effective tools for achieving this – if done properly!

Read our white paper on 360-degree feedback best practices.

Kwela provides a full range of 360 services including:

Survey design

  • We prepare a custom survey that reports on what is most important to your organization
  • We also offer a standardised leadership survey at no cost to any client using our 360 services

Survey administration and reporting

It is non-trivial to administer 360 assessments and there are many pitfalls to be avoided . With Kwela, you supply basic participant information and we take care of the rest, including:

  • Survey setup
  • Gathering and classification of reviewer lists
  • Communication with both participants and reviewers at the appropriate times to ensure the smooth running of the process
  • Online execution of the survey with associated reminders
  • Address reviewer questions and concerns
  • Review of reports to eliminate destructive comments
  • Generation of final reports (click here for a sample 360 report)
  • Inclusion of Kwela’s 360 development guide and planning documents – provides practical ways to turn the feedback into action (click here for a development guide sample)

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We caution against giving people a 360 report with no backup on how to deal with it. It is often advisable to have a coach interpret the feedback, then meet with the 360 participant and help develop a practical action plan.

Learn more about our full 1:1 coaching process here.

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