Virtual Services

All of Kwela’s services can be delivered virtually using the Zoom platform. Every attempt is made to duplicate the engagement and interaction that our clients have come to expect from our in-person workshops, including:

  • Short bursts of theory with a focus on reflection, discussion and skills practice
  • The use of breakout sessions to allow for discussions and skills practice in smaller, intimate settings
  • Full live videoconferencing between all participants and the facilitator
  • The use of participant-based case studies to ensure relevance when applying tools
  • Streaming of videos that demonstrate key concepts
  • A full reference workbook for each participant, distributed electronically
  • Pre- and post-session assignments, including the setup of self-directed accountability meetings
  • Post-program effectiveness measurement

Contact us if you would like a demo, or to find out more.


I participated in our first Managing @ BCIT Program virtual skills training session today. The participants were engaged and found significant value. The technology worked well and I was really happy with how Kwela facilitated the skills practices.

Lisa Ryan
Director, Organizational Development — Human Resources
BC Institute of Technology

Lockdown started in March 2020 but we continued our Learning & Development initiatives.  Our leaders participated in a 6-month virtual leadership development program with Kwela.  I was a little apprehensive about the level of engagement (with virtual delivery) but the leaders proactively engaged in conversations and found the skill workshops valuable.  In between workshops, peer coaching sessions effectively kept the learning fresh and relevant. The program was successful and we’re happy that we did it.

Emi Hashimoto
Director – People & Culture
SkyBox Labs