I’ve been with Kwela almost since our inception, helping to set up the business operations – everything from internal systems and processes needed, to client-facing ones too.

So – I’ve had, and continue to have, a wide range of responsibilities, and I’ve always considered myself pretty organized.  As such, I’ve never felt the need when I have had the opportunity to sit in on Kwela’s Get Organized time management workshop, to actually partake in it.

But when a couple of our programs became available in an eLearning format, I thought there was no harm in checking them out.  Here’s some of the benefits I discovered:

  • Unlike other online courses I’ve tried (which I found long, with too much on-screen reading etc), Kwela’s eCourses are more condensed and each of the segments that make up each course are short, which worked well when I viewed part of them in my ‘interrupted frequently’ job
  • They can be viewed on any device, which also worked well when I wanted to finish going through one of the courses on my tablet during commercials during one of my fave TV shows (can’t say which one as that may reveal too much about me …)
  • I am a visual person, and found the diagrams with text that come up behind or beside Russel (one of Kwela’s Principals and the teacher of all 3 eLearning topics currently available) helpful to reinforce the concepts he puts forth
    [I think it makes the courses more interesting to view, as well]
  • In terms of the “get organized” (Time Management) eCourse – as organized as I am, I was pleasantly surprised that I did get value watching it!  I found it helpful that I could re-play certain segments over and over (especially the workflow demo).

    My desk is no less clear, truthfully {I’m one of those ‘out of sight / out of mind’ types…}, but my eMail Inbox is, and I don’t get anxious about forgetting important tasks that have to be executed at a particular time during the day because I know I’ll be reminded of them via my calendar.

  • In my ‘previous life’, I managed distributed sales support teams and so I’d like to give a little plug for the Coaching for Accountability eCourse as well.  Managing people can be stressful, and if I had had some of Russ’ tips on giving constructive feedback then, I think I wouldn’t have had nearly as many sleepless nights as I did!

    And I took full-day management courses back then, so it wasn’t that I had a lack of training.  But I find these shorter eCourses easy to digest – with helpful ‘take-away’ concepts that I seem to still remember after going through the course.

I do realize that I’m a bit biased – but, I have taken courses in a variety of formats (from technical institutes and leadership development firms, online, retreats etc.) and I find the Kwela eCourses to be a refreshing and enjoyable way to pick up some solid concepts.

They cost $95 + GST each, and can be viewed on any device for up to a year.  You can check out Intros and watch samples from each eCourse for free here

Liz Zed, Client Services and Administration