Why Kwela

Kwela is a Southern African word that means ‘Get Up’.  Our mission is to take your organization “up” to the next level.

But why should you choose us?

Our approach is straightforward and pragmatic, and our consultants are business savvy professionals who know how to execute well. We view leadership as a process and we base our programs on a rigorous methodology that delivers measurable results every time.

Kwela benefits include:

  • A wide breadth of services that allow us to address your diverse business needs over time.
  • An innovative mindset that delivers top-notch programs that reflect best practices in tools, techniques and adult education.
  • A range of facilitators with diverse backgrounds and skills that allows you to work with people who have a natural fit with your organizational culture and business needs.
  • A customized and tailored approach that matches our programs to your needs.
  • Facilitators based in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, serving all of Canada through a combination of in-person and virtually delivered services.
  • A commitment to measure outcomes that ensures you get a return on your investment every time.
  • Good old fashioned customer service which we give by being responsive, flexible, proactive, and “abundant” with our time and knowledge.

Explore our web site to find out more about Our Approach to Leadership Development, Team Development, Organizational Development and Training,or Contact Us to discuss the leadership goals of your organization.