For Kwela, leadership is much more than a business goal. When we founded Kwela, we did so on the basis of deeply-held personal values that we live by.  These can be summarized as:

Treat clients with integrity

At Kwela, we say what we can do, and we do what we say. While you will find that our work is of a consistently high standard, we do not overstate our capabilities and maintain a fair fee structure. We strive to add value to our clients by building a true partnership with them, and we are prepared to invest our time and resources accordingly.

Treat employees with integrity

We believe that we cannot create happy clients without engaged employees. We strive to achieve this by hiring great people who we can trust, and then trusting them. We maintain a culture of openness and strive to understand and respect the work-life balance desires of each and every employee.

Treat the world with integrity

We do not believe in making a living at the expense of our world and feel that this represents one of the great challenges of our time.  We strive to achieve this objective through environmental footprint reduction strategies, preferential pricing to non-profits that benefit the community, volunteering, and charitable giving (1% of all revenues, irrespective of profit, are donated to a range of social and environmental causes).

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