Kwela 1% Plan

Kwela created its own 1% Plan to help increase funding of causes we care about.  This means that we donate 1% of our revenue annually  irrespective of profits made  to selected social and environmental causes.

We split the entire 1% equally among our chosen charities – it’s one more way in which we work together and both get involved in something which is striving to help make the world a better place.

The current charities we support include (listed alphabetically):

Education Without Borders     

Education Without Borders is a Canadian charity whose mandate is to provide educational opportunities and school facilities in black communities in South Africa.  Some current initiatives are:  the design and implementation of a teacher volunteer program, the implementation of Math programs, the building of food gardens, and the establishment of photographic arts and dance programs.

First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation      

Established in 2000, the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation (FPCF) supports the vitality of Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage in B.C.  A registered charity, FPCF provides grant funding to Indigenous organizations and communities to help ensure Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage are strong, supported and passed on from generation to generation.

Sea Shepherd Global             

Sea Shepherd is an international direct-action ocean conservation movement, working to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans. Activities targeted include marine wildlife poaching, the slaughter of dolphins and whales through whaling and “bycatch” from fishing, helping poor countries fight illegal fishing by foreign fleets, defence of marine turtle-nesting beaches, illegal shark finning, and the removal of discarded fishing gear.