Kwela’s Approach

Every client is different and so is every Kwela program. To us ‘one size does not fit all’ and thus our approach is fundamentally one that hones great leadership through tried and tested methods which are customized to your organization.

Depending on your needs, our programs vary in both scope and duration – anywhere from a tune-up in a specific area to a multi-phase program deployed over several months – but we build every program on core principles that we see as essential to effective leadership and organizational development:

  • We view leadership development as a process, not a one-time event.
  • We tailor every program to reflect a client’s unique
    goals and circumstances.
  • We execute a rigorous process using a proven methodology and best practices.
  • We measure everything to motivate participants and prove an ROI.

In our view, generic programs don’t work and neither do those one-time events that generate large amounts of enthusiasm but very little in the way of long-lasting benefits. For Kwela, the key to effecting real change is a well-defined and coherent process that delivers learning interactively and in alignment with stated organizational goals.

Explore our site find out how we apply these principles our  Leadership DevelopmentTeam Development, Organizational Development and Training programs, or Contact Us to discuss how Kwela can help meet your leadership goals.