360 Feedback Interpretation

Interpretation of feedback is one of the most critical, yet error prone part of any 360-degree feedback process. When confronted with what in many cases is a small mountain of data, many individuals are unsure of where to turn. As a result, they often either pick the wrong development goal or they pick too many, neither of which will yield effective results.

This workshop will help ensure the success of your 360 initiative by educating employees and their managers on how to interpret 360-degree feedback, and how to use it to develop practical, actionable plans that work. We can customize this training to your own survey, or to one of Kwela’s standard surveys.

Results You Can Expect

  • Higher levels of buy-in from both employees and their managers to the overall 360-degree feedback process.
  • Development goals that  are synthesized, and that make a difference to the participant and the organization.
  • Practical action plans and a process for following them up.

Key Focus Areas

  • Understanding the reasons for observer group differences
  • Understanding dependencies between questions
  • How to spot typical work patterns & behaviours
  • Isolating your main development goal
  • Turning a development goal into a practical action plan
  • Holding the coaching discussion between the participant & manager

Target Audience

Participants in a 360-degree feedback process and their managers.

Time Commitment

This session is typically offered as a 1/2-day workshop.