Organizational Development

Sustaining organizational effectiveness often requires attention to organization-wide structures and processes such as the hierarchical design, performance management system, talent selection process, succession planning process and the ability to measure the things that are important to the organization. Kwela offers a range of services to help address the most typical organizational development needs.

360-Degree Feedback

Use 360-degree feedback to build self-awareness and develop your leaders – more

Organizational Design

Increase performance and safeguard customer satisfaction, employee engagement and profitability – more

Culture Change

Does your culture support your organization’s strategy? Find out if there are gaps and how to create a winning culture – more

Performance Management Systems Design

Implement systems that align strategy with team/ individual goals – more

Customer Service Culture Development

Achieve excellence in key customer service factors such as reliability, credibility and responsiveness – more

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Turn strategic planning into an efficient process that drives measurable change throughout your organization – more

Competency Modeling

Use competency modeling to determine leadership priorities & to create alignment throughout your organization – more

Succession Planning

Protect your future by identifying & grooming your organization’s next generation of leaders – more

Employee Surveys

Use well-designed employee surveys to tap into employee engagement & develop retention strategies – more

Survey Software Tools

Learn about powerful tools that can help you gather 360-degree feedback & other critical business information – more

Meeting Culture Development

Use our measured process to develop your meeting culture so that meetings are engaging, focused and productive – more

Talent Selection

Get the right people in the right positions every time, using our assessment & training services – more

Mentoring Programs

Mentor your employees to transfer knowledge, cross-train, develop high potential individuals – more