Leadership Development Overview

Great companies have one thing in common – they have great leadership. And they don’t have it by chance. Great companies find, develop, nurture and retain their leaders, and in doing so they build an organization that is aligned, innovative, and capable of meeting the challenges ahead. Kwela specializes in developing leadership excellence and can help you to realize the full potential of your people and your organization.

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Leadership Development Programs (In-House, Customized)

Learn about comprehensive programs that deliver a measurable ROI – more

360-Degree Feedback

Use 360-degree feedback to build self-awareness and develop your leaders – more

Leadership Development Program (Public Format)

Learn how Kwela’s Open Enrolment / Public format LDP helps new leaders gain key management skills – more

Executive Coaching

Coaching helps leaders achieve their goals with focused and objective support – more

Mentoring Programs

Learn how this powerful relationship can develop the leadership potential of both mentors and protégés – more

Peer Coaching Circles

Peer coaching circles promote high levels of camaraderie and accountability – more

 Action Learning

Consider this powerful development tool to help cement newly acquired skills in a real strategic challenge – more

 Personal Development Planning

Learn how to use personal planning to turn development goals into measurable actions for individual leaders – more

Leadership Simulation

Find out how this innovative process can build team awareness and awareness of individual leadership skills – more

 Leadership Skills Training

Consider targeted skills training as an effective adjunct to your leadership development program – more


See how we use measurement to motivate participants and prove a return on investment for your program – more